Dwayne - Dwayne

Review by Dillon Crader

Dwayne, a band that is spread across the world, has come together to make one hell of an indie record and not to mention their first LP. The self-titled LP has so much to offer with these 12 songs. I find it crazy to think how mature sounding this album is for a band that is spread across the world with only two members who can speak English.

Starting off the album, I instinctively thought of a less synthesized Reggie and The Full Effect - I found it odd how I made the connection but that was the first thing in my mind during the first track. The first song that really caught my attention was “My Own Invention.” The sample used at the beginning of the song caught me, and continued with the soft sounding vocals and guitar. When the rest of band joins in, it’s like a wall of sound hitting you. This song really stuck out to me the first couple of times I listened to the record.

This album intrigued me by the variety of different sounds Dwayne Captures. Some tracks vary from an indie sound to a grungy sort of feel, and then lead into a folk-like sound. Dwayne really messes with the rhythm in this LP and I very much enjoy how the tracks almost seem to have A.D.D., because it’s sweet to see a band that is able to change things up so much in one release. It gets old when musicians find a sound and stick to that exact sound for the whole album. I respect Dwayne very much because of the way they “step outside of the box” and push their own limits within their first record. The lyricism in this album is also awesome!

Overall, for Dwayne’s first record, this is one that is going to kick start their career. Most bands don’t always seem to know what they are capable of and or really have a sense of what they are doing, but with this record, I already get a sense of what Dwayne is fully capable of, and I’m sure they will continue to keep pushing forward with the several of different sounds they have already found.

Rating: 3.5/5

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