Hit The Lights - Summer Bones

Review by Gabrielle DB

Summer Bones is Hit The Lights fourth album, and it is fantastic! This Ohio five-piece have outdone themselves again with this one. The entire album is fist-pumping fun, and is pegged to be the soundtrack for summertime. 

"Fucked Up Kids" blasts the lid off of the album with an ultra catchy [youth] anthem. "We're getting good at being bad," is such a clever lyric phrase that will resonate with many. Vocalist Nick Thompson establishes his pop-punk vocal prominence early on, and this stays constant throughout Summer Bones"The Real" follows up, and it's a banger. 

"Life On The Bottom" is the dusting oneself off, to build back up inspiration track. This track features a well-placed vocal layering with a group chant, long note, and chorus that is executed quite impressively. "Revolutions and Executions" is an empowering track that inspires one to pursue their desires. Guitarists Omar Zehery and Kevin Mahoney along with bassist David Bermosk slay the strings in this one.

"No Filter" is a gritty leaving song. This track rips the wrong doer with the line, "This is goodbye, I hope you fucking choke on it." Affixed with the classic "oh oh oh's" and a bellowing chorus, this track is epic. 

The title track takes a slower, heart wrenching turn. It is the sigh when the warm, friend-filled summer is drawing to a close. "Sitter" has an impeccably groovy flow. Drummer Nate Van Dame really steals the show on this one. 

"Old Friend" dimly closes the album. The nostalgic feel is present, sans the angst featured on the previous hard-hitting tracks. 

Hit The Lights stepped out with their best foot forward with Summer Bones. This high energy album will not disappoint.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Fucked Up Kids"

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