Courage My Love - Becoming

Review by Gabrielle DB

Courage My Love has an incredibly heartfelt release in Becoming. This full-length re-issue on InVogue Records layers on six additional tracks from the previous EP under the same name. The Toronto based trio is singer/guitarist Mercedes Arn-Horn, drummer/additional vocals Phoenix Arn-Horn, and bassist Brandon Lockwood. The mixing on this pop-punk (heavy on the pop) album is superb. The tracks digest easily, and will have you swaying and singing along. 

A blazing intro in "All We Are" cuts straight into "Skin & Bone." This track features impeccable harmonies that foreshadow what will be present throughout the album. An epic building tension in the percussion erupts with a chorus belting "All we are is skin and bone," leading into an abrupt halt. The catchy sing-along tune "Cold Blooded" follows. 

"Kerosene" is a really fun, passion igniting song dancing on the lines of dissolving attraction or setting love ablaze. The fun keeps rolling along with "Unfamiliar Sheets," a summertime anthem. 

"Lost Cause" takes the insecurities that many feel, and turns it into a plight of worthiness. A very powerful display of humility is displayed in the reaching vocals. 

A punch in the face is given in "Goodbye To Giving Up." A high risk, high reward payoff is delivered within the opening hook. 

"We're Not In Kansas Anymore" is, of course, an alternative take on The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy clicking her heels together. "All I Need" is a delicate, almost wedding-like, love song with phenomenal harmonies. 

Hard-hitting "You Don't Know How" displays an angst, and an emotional breakthrough. "Breathing Room" pulls the reigns back before leading into the closing number, "Dark Wood, Dark Water." A safe closing track turns into an outro with a brilliant rewind portion at around five minutes in, complete with a gasping close.

Courage My Love have the niche needed to thrive in this genre with their mixture of darkness and optimism. Courage My Love is a fiercely talented three piece band; Becoming is an awesome release, and a must listen to album.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Kerosene"

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