Milo Greene - Control

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Milo Greene’s new album, Control, is cool, calm and catchy as hell. Throughout the entirety of Control, the vocal work is soothing, meshing perfectly with eerie and hypnotic keyboard parts and simple yet gorgeous guitar work.

Control starts off eerie with a short prelude track before sliding right into “White Lies,” with a gorgeous melody and hypnotizing vocals that hook you immediately. The song is laid back and easygoing, but not boring by any means. The cool percussion, almost jazzy guitar work and beautiful vocal melodies are more than enough to keep you interested. By the time that “White Lies” fades into “On The Fence,” Control is promising to be a hit.

The overall feeling of this album is surreal and airy - throughout many songs, it feels as if you’re walking on a cloud. While normally, that kind of sound might get boring or fade into the background, that doesn’t happen with Control. Instead, Milo Greene manage to keep your attention track after track. One of the strongest tracks on the album is definitely the fifth song, “Heartless,” which follows after the rather mellow, “Save Yourself.” “Heartless” is definitely a more upbeat track with an incredibly catchy and danceable chorus, and vocal harmonies that could kill. Following “Heartless” is “Parents’ House” which has a more eerie yet warm feeling to it, and the transition is a great contrast that is sure to keep you on your toes. “Parents’ House” is slow, pretty and simple, but definitely not boring.

While it took me a few listens to really get into and understand Control, this album is a total hit. A sound like the one that Milo Greene have created with this album could have easily become boring and redundant and faded into the background, but that doesn’t happen with Control. There are obviously some tracks that stand out more than others on the album, but there are easily more strong songs than there are weak ones. Right from the eerie intro track and all the way through to the warm, acoustic and sleepy final track, “Royal Blue” Milo Greene pump out unique and catchy songs that are sure to keep you around for all thirteen tracks.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "Heartless" or "White Lies"


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