High Rise - Tides Will Take You

Review by Gabrielle DB

High Rise delivers a smashing EP in Tides Will Take You. A mixture and balance of highs and lows, darkness and light is inviting and relatable for listeners. 

The EP tears open with "Burden." This track weaves aggression and melody seamlessly. "Memories" continues onward with the powerful, hard hitting guitars and percussion. The heartfelt clean vocals are much more gripping than the shouting screams. A genuine aching can almost be felt in the powerful delivery.

The title track "Tides Will Take You" strips down acoustically to showcase musical diversity. The theme of overcoming obstacles against all odds and push back is strong for a slower-paced song. "Brotherhood" is the mighty conclusion for this EP. Bringing the aggression back up, vocally and musically, this track encapsulates a solid anthem. 

One word to describe this EP: unity. High Rise's passionate outing in Tides Will Take You is exciting; definitely check it out!

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Memories" 

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