The Front Bottoms & GDP - Liberty and Prosperity 2015

Review by Dom Vigil

The Front Bottoms and GDP’s split, Liberty and Prosperity 2015 combines two completely different genres for four songs, and somehow, it totally works. The split starts off with GDP’s laid back and lonely “Limousine,” which is slower and mellow, kicking off the EP with a simmer. By the time “Limousine” fades to a close, it’s impossible not to wonder just how The Front Bottoms are going to follow it, and when their track, “Wolfman” comes in, the result is perfect. Despite the difference in genres, both GDP’s “Limousine” and The Front Bottoms’ “Wolfman” share a mellow, pining mood. Where “Limousine” sounds more laid back, “Wolfman” is poppy, catchy, but carried by moody lyrics as vocalist Brian Sella croons, “You are a broken heart tattoo.”

“Handcuffs,” the following song from The Front Bottoms, is surprisingly one of the most drastic changes in mood and sound on the EP, but in the best way possible. Unlike the poppy former track, “Handcuffs” is a folk anthem. It’s another moody track, but is carried by strong guitar, heavy bass and lyrics that paint a story of being arrested, pepper sprayed and put through trial. The horn section over the acoustic guitar is also a nice, nearly patriotic touch, which is almost funny, considering the lyrical content of the song. And then, closing out the split is another GDP track, “Parking Garage.” Unlike GDP’s first track on the split, “Parking Garage” feels heavier, and the lyrical content is very similar to The Front Bottoms’ “Handcuffs,” pairing the songs together perfectly, despite the vast difference in genres.

At first glance, some may wonder why two very different artists have paired together for a split EP, but upon listening to the four songs even once, it’s apparent why. While musically, GDP and The Front Bottoms sound nothing alike, the lyrical content of the songs on Liberty And Prosperity 2015 connect despite genre. The result is four songs that all sound vastly different, but all connect with listeners in the same way, creating a very versatile and memorable split EP.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Wolfman"

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