Florio - Power

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Florio’s new EP, Power is very aptly named. Each of the four songs is strong in its own way, but as a whole, Power is incredibly, well, powerful. Carried by strong bass lines, dreamy instrumentation, stunning vocal work and catchy choruses, these four songs are bound to stick with you long after the EP comes to an end.

Power begins in a very dreamy way, with a sound similar to that of The 1975. “I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend” is mellow, laid back and easy to get lost in, but with a catchy melody and yearning, longing lyrics that are sad and beautiful as Florio croons, “I don’t want to be your friend.” The vocals on this first track are beautiful, and they only serve to prepare you for the rest of the EP. Where “I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend” feels like cruising down the road at night with your windows down, the following song “Power” is more of a slow jam. While the two sounds are definitely contrasting, Florio pulls it off amazingly. The instrumentation on “Power” is not only some of the strongest on the EP, (mellow, easy guitar work and a simple yet catchy rhythm) but the vocals on this song are amazing.

“PASTHEART” is the only track on the EP that is purely instrumental, but it definitely doesn’t fade into the background or become boring by any means. Though the other songs are mainly carried by beautiful vocal work and strong lyrics, “PASTHEART” stands strong on its own, mellowing out the EP and relaxing you before throwing you into the massively poppy and catchy as hell final track, “Red Flags.” The transition between the songs is absolutely seamless, which speaks for the great songwriting on this EP as well.

Without a doubt, listeners are bound to be singing “Red Flags” (or at least have it stuck in their head) but the time that Power comes to a close. With a strong lead guitar hook and a sound very similar to that of The 1975 or The Neighbourhood, “Red Flags” is bright, catchy, dancable and most of all, memorable. Everything about the final track is strong; the gorgeous vocals, strong guitar work, memorable melody and heavy bass line. Florio definitely ends the EP on a strong note, leaving listeners yearning for more.

All four songs on Power show off a different side of Florio. “I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend” is angsty, yearning and emotional, “Power” is a spaced-out slow jam, “PASTHEART” is a gorgeous instrumental track and “Red Flags” is the powerful pop track that will keep listeners coming back for more. Each song stands out in its own way, which makes the entire EP strong as a whole. Power is bound to leave listeners excited about what Florio will do next. 

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Red Flags" 


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