888 - The Decades EP

Review by Seth Wood

I am completely baffled that I have never heard a band like 888. It seems so simple: put an emo vocal and lyrical style over huge, Imagine-Dragons-at-Madison-Square-Garden production quality to create a perfect balance of new and old, rock and pop, partying and sorrow—Depeche Mode meets Breathe Carolina meets Taking Back Sunday. 888’s debut EP, titled The Decades EP,  is a collection of emotional and energetic songs that will have even the most frugal of people screaming “I want a house on the hill by the ocean!” during the earth-shaking chorus of the opening track, “Critical Mistakes.” 

The band is comprised of three members of the now defunct Drop Dead, Gorgeous, who quickly landed a deal with Rise Records after becoming the biggest band in Colorado’s scene back in 2006. I mention that only to make it clear that these guys have been around, having been pushed into professional musicianship nearly 10 years ago. In the course of those years, they have spent more time playing shows and writing music than anyone reading this could have ever hoped to. That experience is totally explicit in this album. Anyone who picks up this EP is going to understand right away that this is not some local electronic band trying to be the next 3oh!3. This album is just the next step up for a group of talented guys who refuse to plateau. 

It is unclear at this time what sort of ambitions the group has going forward. They certainly possess the talent to regain their massive following and jump right back into tour life. Whether they go that route or try to keep it local and underground (at this point, they have not even played a live show), we should all be intrigued with what may come—God, I hope it’s an LP. 

Rating: 5/5

Listen to: all of them. Seriously, it’s four songs. Just listen to the whole thing. You’ll love it. 

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