Meet Me In Orbit - Traveller

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Meet Me In Orbit’s Traveller EP is the perfect mix of moody and relaxing. “Last Time” opens the EP with warm synth sounds and airy vocals that lull you into relaxation, but the lyrics are what really bring the song together. While the overall feeling of “Last Time” is a dreamy synth pop lullaby, the lyrics hold quite a bit of weight, making it both haunting and relaxing at the same time.

The following song, “We Are Grown” is a bit more upbeat and synth driven than the first track, and within the first few seconds, I’m reminded quite a bit of Chvrches. The difference in sounds between the first two songs flows amazingly, though - “We Are Grown” still has that pretty, fuzzy quality that makes “Last Time” strong, while remaining much happier and more upbeat. The mellow quality of Meet Me In Orbits’ sound almost threatens to become a little too repetitive throughout “We Are Grown,” but just when I start to worry that the EP may blend together too much or not have any stand out moments, the high falsetto vocals come in about halfway through the song and make my jaw drop. Vocally, “We Are Grown” is beautiful, and the best part is that it’s not in your face - the vocals on the track are very pretty and natural, gorgeous but without overpowering the rest of the song.

“All You Can” is the darkest song on the album, and where “We Are Grown” is strong vocally, this song is strong musically. It’s hard not to bob your head along to the beat or get lost in the awesome synth parts in this song. Following “All You Can” is “Enter The Night,” which is aptly named for the sound of the track. “Enter The Night” practically feels like night - the nearly whispered, far away vocals and quiet instrumentation are the perfect combination, and when the stellar synth part comes in at the chorus, it’s a great natural progression.

The perfect ending to Traveller is “Lightyears Away,” which begins and ends on a strong note, and leaves you wanting more. By the time Traveller meets its end with the final notes of “Lightyears Away,” it’s apparent why this EP is so strong. While each song flows together well, they don’t blend together by any means. Each track on Traveller is strong in its own way, be it with meaningful lyrics, gorgeous vocal runs or beautiful instrumentation. This EP is bound to keep you captivated until the last note.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Last Time" or "Lightyears Away"

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