Seasons Change - Please Don't Leave

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Seasons Change’s new album, Please Don’t Leave is not only the perfect album to get you ready for summer, but it’s full of emotionally charged and relatable tracks that are sure to hit home with many listeners. Kicking off fast and strong, Please Don’t Leave is full of smart guitar hooks, gorgeous vocal harmonies and lyrics that are hard hitting, but delivered with clean, melodic vocals. Within a few songs, it’s apparent that Please Don’t Leave is a total feel good album, and track after track Seasons Change prove that again and again.

“Clueless” brings the album in strong, wasting no time in throwing you into high energy pop-punk riffs, a catchy as hell chorus and lyrics that are sure to get stuck in your head. Obviously, this song (and the album as a whole) has many elements that make a strong pop-punk album - catchy clean choruses, smart, personal lyrics, and strong guitar riffs - but the punchy fast pace of “Clueless” sets it apart from many other pop-punks tracks, which can tend to blend together or sound the same. The same can be said for many other songs on Please Don’t Leave, especially the second track, “Hope This Stains,” which has many ups and downs. The song starts off slow, but immediately kicks in with a fast paced verse before throwing you into a beautiful slower chorus full of awesome vocal harmonies. “Hope This Stains” keeps you interested with its different levels. 

Within the first few songs, it becomes apparent that, on top of the vocal harmonies, the emotional and personal lyricism is one strongest parts about Please Don’t Leave. Lyrically, the strongest song on the album is easily the personal fourth track, “Valentine,” written about vocalist Anthony Robles close friend who passed away two years ago. Robles wears his heart on his sleeve with this track, making it impossible not to feel his emotion as he belts, “So what if I’m selfish like a child?/I want you back.” The song is impossible not to connect with, regardless if you’ve been in Robles’ shoes before or not. On top of the lyricism and incredible vocal work, Robles is backed up by arguably some of the strongest bass work on the album and catchy guitar hooks.

Following “Valentine,” however, there seems to be a slight lull in the album. While each song is full of strong vocals and guitar work, some of the song structures on the album are definitely a little similar. That, coupled with the fact that much of the album seems to stay on the same level musically, makes it hard to distinguish some songs from others. There are absolutely some stand out tracks, however, one of which is the seventh song, “Feel It.” The high vocal parts in “Feel It” are more than enough to catch the listeners attention and hook them again well before the album comes to a close.

“Need To Know” is another standout song because of the overall mellow tone, which isn’t really found in any other songs on Please Don’t Leave. “Need To Know” is another personal track about a broken home and a boy’s love for his mother as Robles croons, “Every boy says they’re gonna buy their mother a new life/But I can’t promise you a house or a car.” The lyrics and the emotion on “Need To Know,” much like the rest of Please Don’t Leave, go straight to the chest, and with good reason.

Please Don’t Leave closes with “I’m Not Sorry,” a total self-love anthem that leaves the album on a high note. “I’m not sorry/I’m better than ever/Without you,” Robles belts, bringing the album to a strong close. From beginning to end, Please Don’t Leave delivers hard hitting songs with catchy choruses and meaningful lyrics that leave the listener hanging on their every word.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Valentine" or "I'm Not Sorry"

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