Del Paxton/Gulfer - Split EP

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Buffalo, NY’s Del Paxton and Montreal, Canada’s Gulfer are just the right kind of combination for a split EP. The four songs on this EP are well executed and well planned - both bands fit one another’s sound perfectly, complementing each other without sounding too similar or too different, and the result is a mellow, moody EP that is worth listening many times over.

Del Paxton kick off this split EP, and their two songs feel like rainy spring afternoons, which is perfect for this time of the year. Both “Paline” and “Bad Batch” are mellow and a little bit muted, but the vocals have a ton of emotion.

The guitar riff that opens up the EP pulls you in almost immediately - it’s beautiful and relaxing, and the overall tone of the guitar fits the mood of the song perfectly. The vocals on “Paline” are mellow and low, but beautiful and emotional at the same time. But where “Paline” lacks in energy, though, “Bad Batch” makes up for it with beautiful bass lines, a sweeping guitar part and upbeat drum work. “Bad Batch” just seems to grow and grow as it progresses, blooming into a gorgeous group vocal part at the end. The unclean, yelling vocals suit the song perfectly, and Del Paxton’s two songs on this split manage to showcase two separate sides of their sound perfectly.

The guitar tone and vocal style of Gulfer in the following song, “F’real For Real” is definitely a step away from Del Paxton’s sound, but the overall mellow tone of Gulfer’s sound makes the EP flow well. The guitar work on “F’real For Real” is more intricate and sweeping, and with louder, more prominent vocals, the song takes on a brighter quality than the first two tracks on the EP.

Gulfer really shine on their second song on the split, “Bob Abate” with more sweeping, gorgeous guitar work and vocal harmonies that are sure to blow you away. Vocally, “Bob Abate” is easily one of the strongest songs on the EP.

Overall, this EP does exactly what a split should do - it makes you want to hear more from both bands. Del Paxton and Gulfer both do a stellar job of showcasing their sounds while still making the listener want to hear more. On top of that, the overall mood on these four songs is palpable, making the EP flow amazingly. This EP reminds me of gloomy, rainy spring days - Del Paxton and Gulfer couldn’t have chosen a better time of the year to release these four songs.

Rating: 4.5/5

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