Diamond Youth - Nothing Matters

Review by Dillon Crader

Nothing Matters is Diamond Youth’s highly anticipated first full-length record. After the wait since the release of their third EP, Shake, Diamond Youth has finally been able to release an amazing album that left me satisfied in every way.

For starters, Diamond Youth has one of the most unique sounds in the scene. This band has an intricate blend of surf rock and punk making for one of the most unique sounding bands that I have ever listened to.  A prime example of this clash of genres, resulting in a beautiful sound would be on the track “Succulent.” Halfway through the track, the guitar tones give that sense of an older surf band like the Beach Boys. I cannot fathom how interesting and awesome it is to see a band that uses influences from surf genres, which aren’t used as often.

Nothing Matters also definitely is not as upbeat as I thought the record would sound. The band has seemed to slow their usual tempo down and brought a new eerie quality to their sound, and in doing so, I feel that the band has grown and matured their sound from past releases. Though the aggressive and punchy guitars were what drew me to Diamond Youth in the past, I found a new love for this matured sound. “Deep Love,” closer to the end of the record, is really where I grew to love this slow side to Diamond Youth. In this song, it feels as if someone is following you, or something scary is happening, and the sensation is incredible. Instrumentally, not very many songs have an effect of my feelings or really drift my mood. Again, this is another prime example of why this one of a kind sound is incredible. 

There are also a fair amount of faster tracks on this record as well. Songs like “The Nothing,” “Far Away From Earth,” and “In the Clouds” are upbeat and remind me of Diamond Youth’s past releases. If you are an older fan of Diamond Youth’s releases, I would recommend these tracks. 

To add to the unique sound Diamond Youth has captured, the vocals are a defying reason why this band sticks out as well. The vocals are higher toned but are also very soft sounding. The vocals make for a great listen. 

After almost a three year wait for a full length album, Diamond Youth has crushed many other “competitors” for the best record for the year. This album is a maturing moment for Diamond Youth and is going to set this band apart as one of the best new artists of 2015. Nothing Matters is a fantastic record. Make sure you pick it up from Topshelf Records on May 19th

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Deep Love"

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