Young Guns - Ones and Zeros

Review by Dom Vigil

If there was one word to describe Young Guns’ new album, Ones and Zeros, it would be “polished.” Or actually, it would be “huge,” or “explosive” or even “anthematic.” On second thought, maybe we shouldn’t confine this incredible album to just one word, as it is worth much more than that.

Opening up this huge, arena ready album is the first track, “Rising Up,” which serves as the perfect song to prepare you for the rest of Ones and Zeros. The chorus of “Rising Up” is massive, the vocals are gorgeous, and the instrumentation and songwriting is absolutely flawless.

While the album as a whole is incredibly strong, there are definitely some tracks that stand out more than others. “Rising Up” is easily one of those songs, as is the fourth track on the album, “Memento Mori,” which hosts a super catchy chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head. “Speaking In Tongues” is another strong track with an explosive chorus, and as the album progresses, it becomes harder and harder to choose a favorite song. There is just so much going on in Ones and Zeros, but it never feels overdone or like it’s too much. The choruses are big, the guitar and bass work are phenomenal, and there are beautiful electronic parts and melodic backing vocals that really fill out each song. A great example of this is “Colour Blind,” which builds really well from its slow intro into beautiful vocal work before filling out with an incredible bass line and flawless vocal harmonies.

“Gravity” is a softer and slower track, showing off another side of Young Guns. The song leaves you lingering and flows perfectly into the slow beginning of the following track, “Die On Time,” which has some of the most beautiful vocal work on the album and hosts a remarkable string section. By the time that Ones and Zeros comes to an end, it’s apparent that there’s something for everyone on this album. It’s full of catchy choruses, strong vocals, incredible electronic parts laced with great guitar and bass work, and vocal harmonies that really fill everything out. Ones and Zeros is absolutely worth the listen.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Rising Up"

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