BoyMeetsWorld - Become Someone

Review by Shannon Shumaker

BoyMeetsWorld’s debut full-length album, Become Someone is about just that - becoming someone. The underlying themes of finding oneself and searching for happiness are apparent from the very first song on the album all the way to the very end, and are served with catchy pop-punk anthems that are just in time for summer.

Become Someone is catchy and memorable right off the bat as vocalist Craig Sulken sings, “Let’s make these nights a little longer/Cause we’re not getting any younger” in the opening track, “Feel It In The Air.” These songs just scream summer as the album chugs along with one upbeat poppy track after another. “So In What?” for instance, is destined to be a huge hit this year on the Vans Warped Tour - it’s got gorgeous high vocals that hook you, a memorable and emotional chorus, and a lead guitar riff that just won’t let go. “So In What?” is bound to get stuck in your head and leave you singing along before the song comes to a close, and feeling excited all over again when you reach the bonus acoustic version of the track at the end of the album.

There are many things that make Become Someone as strong and as memorable as it is, and the honesty in the album’s lyricism is definitely one of those things. Pop-punk is a genre that is known to be emotional and personal, and Become Someone is definitely the best of both of those things. “Moving On,” for instance is about leaving behind a dead end job and finding yourself, reminding you of the core themes behind Become Someone. The song itself is very positive and empowering, especially right alongside a more upbeat and lighter song, “Rest Of Our Days,” which actually hosts some really great gang vocals, by the way. I’m not kidding when I say that every song on this album is well worth listening to. With each track that goes by, I can’t help but think I’ve heard the strongest song on the album, only for the next track to completely blow me away.

“You I Belong To,” breaks the mold, trading upbeat choruses and catchy guitar riffs for an acoustic guitar and softer vocals, and the result couldn’t be better. The vocal work totally shines on this stripped down acoustic love song, which proves that BoyMeetsWorld are definitely dynamic - they can pull of the big, anthematic pop choruses, but still shine on a simple acoustic track. The band really shines on the album’s title (and final) track, though. “Become Someone” naturally encompases the entire theme of the album on top of shining musically, with a beautiful, emotional chorus that is sure to have you pressing play all over again once it comes to a close. The song and album as a whole really come to a head when Sulken sings, “I’ve given up everything for this/So I’ve got nothing left to lose,” which is easily one of the strongest lines on the album.

Become Someone, at its core is just pure pop-punk goodness. This album isn’t trying to be anything that it’s not, and the result is eleven incredibly comfortable sounding songs that will stick with listeners for a long time to come. There are catchy guitar hooks, upbeat verses and memorable, melodic choruses peppered throughout the entire album, but none of it ever feels forced or redundant. On top of that, the overall theme of the album is very relevant and timeless, something that listeners are sure to connect with and relate to for years. At risk of sounding a little cheesy, I mean it when I say that BoyMeetsWorld have definitely “become someone” with this release.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "So In What?" "Rest Of Our Days" or "Become Someone" (or just the entire album)

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