Run Forever - Big Vacation

Review by Dillon Crader

Big Vacation is one of the better ways to spend your summer; listening to something powerful. Run Forever has conquered this release, making something that sounds perfect for the summer.  Being one of the first releases Run Forever has put out through No Sleep Records, it is obvious that they have already progressed and changed their sound from their first release on the label.

The first noticeable thing about Big Vacation is the new low-fi and hazy sound the band has captured ever since they have quieted down over the past two years. Usually, hazy and low-fi genres are very hard to listen to in the summer because the weather is so nice, and the music is dark and would fit better for seasons like fall and winter. But like I said, Big Vacation fits the summer weather very well. The EP’s self-titled track has the perfect blend of the hazy guitar towards the end of the song, creating an amazing sound. The second song on Big Vacation is definitely my favorite track on this release, though. The track, “Lake Pleasant,” has hints of the band’s older roots, but yet again includes this fresh sounding mix of haze that the band seems so fond of now. I would also like to mention the growth in lyricism within the this release. Anthony Heubel’s lyrics on Big Vacation have improved to a more meaningful and mature sound as well. “Crystal Court,” the last song on the EP, is definitely the catchiest and contains the most hooks with sweet sounding melodies.

It is fantastic to hear new material coming from Run Forever, and it is awesome to see the band heading in a new direction that suites the them perfectly. Run Forever is doing something they should have always done with this release, and it is awesome to slowly see them grow and mature into something diverse and special. Big Vacation is definitely my favorite release for the summer so far. I am very excited to see what the band will do after Big Vacation.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Lake Pleasant" 

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