Tigerwine - Lull

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Dark, eerie guitar work brings in Tigerwine’s new EP, Lull, and by the time the soothing and melodic vocals come in, it promises to be a hit. With vocals that sound very similar to Balance And Composure, coupled with haunting instrumentals and the occasional screams among pretty harmonies, Lull packs a punch with only five songs, leaving you wanting more by the time it comes to an end.

While the darkness in “Crucial Taunt” is the first thing that stands out about the first track, there are also these beautiful, shining moments in the clean vocals and harmonies that really prove that Tigerwine are more than just toned down vocals and distorted guitars. The coolest part about this versatility? Each song flows easily into the next, but despite their similar guitar tones and overall mood, none of them sound exactly alike. “Crucial Taunt” is on the darker and heavier side, while “Lull” is more upbeat and catchy, with some really nice bass lines laced through the song. The only complaint I have on the title track is that it feels like the vocals could be brought up just a bit.

“Buzzwords” is more on the mellow side, hosting some of the prettiest vocal harmonies on the album. The dark, fuzzy guitars and distorted bass sound incredible alongside the otherwise soft vocals on this track, creating an interesting contrast that actually works very well. “Twig” is another great example of the differing moods and sounds that Tigerwine uses on this EP, as the beginning of the track is carried by pretty, soft vocals and bass work, but the song ends with aggressive screams.

The final track, “Sharp Elbows” is the perfect taste test for Tigerwine, as this song has a little bit of everything. There is a wide range of sounds, from screams to aggressive yells to those pretty, clean harmonies against dark guitar work that quickly becomes Tigerwine’s signature sound. The exploration in sound and contrast in Lull shows quite a bit of promise for Tigerwine, leaving listeners lingering by the time “Sharp Elbows” comes to an end.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Buzzwords" or "Sharp Elbows"

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