Slim Wray - Post No Bills

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Slim Wray’s new EP, Post No Bills kicks off with a strong lead guitar part, promising for a rather catchy and groovy release from the garage surf-rock band. Throughout these six songs, there are plenty of highs among just a few lows, as well. Carried heavily by memorable lead guitar riffs and catchy, sometimes distorted vocal runs, Post No Bills is a small burst of energy that promises more strong releases to come from Slim Wray.

“Take It Or Leave It” hosts some of the most prominent guitar work on the EP, and while that’s a good thing for an opening track, the vocals do tend to be drowned out by that sharp, loud lead guitar hook. It’s catchy and memorable, but unfortunately, the loud guitar work makes it hard to enjoy the rest of the song. Where the first track lacks that balance, though, the following song “Ride” makes up for it in miles. The guitar work in this second song is also strong, but not overpowering, allowing listeners to enjoy the gorgeous vocal harmonies and simple, yet catchy as hell chorus.

“Firing Line” mellows things out compared to “Ride,” showing the more surf-rock side of Slim Wray. Unfortunately, the distorted lead guitar does feel a little overpowering and disconnected from the otherwise soft quality of the song, but it does still feel more balanced than “Take it Or Leave It.” If you’re able to look past that guitar hook, the vocal harmonies and “ooh”s in the chorus of “Firing Line” are some of the song’s high points. “Farmer John,” the following track, sounds different from any other song on Post No Bills and really gives a chance for the vocals to shine. “Farmer John” is much more simple, raw and stripped down compared to the rest of the album, but thankfully, it doesn’t sound too out of place, not to mention, the song itself is super catchy and perfect for summertime drives.

Rounding out Post No Bills is the catchy track, “The Way I Get By” and the final song, “Calistoga 29.” Easily one of the strongest songs on the album, “Calistoga 29” is full of energy, as well as all of the elements that make Post No Bills strong. The final track is well balanced, carried by catchy vocals and strong guitar work. While it is only six songs in length, Post No Bills shows quite a bit of potential for Slim Wray. Each track on this EP has its own distinct sound and mood without straying too far from Slim Wray’s core sound, and with a full length, this band will only be able to expand on their sound even more.

Rating: 3/5

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