Brigades - Indefinite

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Brigades new full length, Indefinite is an absolutely stunning release. From the slow and melodic opening title track to faster, more upbeat songs full of incredible vocal harmonies, Indefinite is a great balance of sound that is sure to hit home with many listeners, both new and old.

By the time the chorus hits on the album’s first song, “Indefinite,” you’re bound to fall in love. This first track is the perfect sampler of what’s to come on this album, as it has everything that makes it strong. Beautiful clean guitar work brings the song in alongside low and melodic vocals, but it isn’t long before “Indefinite” is exploding into faster guitar work and screams. The energy changes on this first song quite a few times, but it’s not a rough transition at all, and the song progresses naturally and beautifully, leaving you wanting even more by the time “Knife Dance” comes in.

While each song on Indefinite has a somewhat dark feeling to it, none of them sound exactly the same, broken up by bright, shining moments of clarity in the clean choruses and soothing guitar work. Where “Indefinite” is on the mellow side, “The Difference” feels a little more upbeat and catchy, carried by a strong lead guitar hook and strong vocals. In fact, the multiple vocal parts in the chorus of “The Difference” are what make this song strong. With each track, you don’t quite know what to expect, which makes listening to Indefinite a rewarding journey.

Other strong tracks on the album include “Enemy,” which hosts some of the strongest vocal harmonies and lyrical content (about organized religion) on the album, the emotional “Not Until I’ve Flatlined” and beautiful acoustic track, “My Last Heart Attack.” The great thing about this album is the rawness that comes across in each and every track, no matter how different they sound from one another. The album is carried by moody, catchy vocals and beautiful instrumentation that carries from track to track, creating twelve incredibly unique songs. It’s impossible not to hear the blood sweat and tears that went into these songs, and by the time the explosive final track, “Cyanide Chaser” comes to an end, you’re bound to fall in love with Brigades.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Enemy" or "The Difference" 


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