My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure - Seeker

Review by Dom Vigil

My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure’s Seeker is light, poppy, upbeat, and most of all, easy to listen to. With an incredibly polished and mature sound, Seeker kicks off with crisp vocals and strong lyrics with opening track, “The Old, The New.” The first track is a total feel-good song, opening up the album bright and upbeat, with vocal stylings similar to The Wonder Years, only lighter and softer.

Seeker also has a very raw and DIY quality about it, which stems from the the fact that this album was self-released. It’s obvious that these songs are the core of My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure, as they feel full of heart and soul, both in the instrumentation and the vocals. “Dangerous To Be Alone,” for instance, has some incredibly strong vocals right off the bat. While the first few tracks on Seeker are all pretty upbeat, it seems that “Dangerous To Be Alone,” while mellow at times, has that momentum that the other songs lack. Kicking off with a catchy vocal melody and strong guitar work, “Dangerous To Be Alone” hooks you right away. Another strong track is “I Lost Again,” which hosts some awesome gang vocals.

While much of Seeker is rather upbeat and poppy, some songs lack that oomph that would normally make a big pop-punk anthem. “Last Summer” and “War” are good examples of this. While these songs are carried by strong guitar riffs and vocal melodies, when the chorus comes in, it just seems to lack that energy that would hit you like a punch with a strong chorus. That’s not to say that these songs aren’t good, however. In fact, “War” is easily one of the strongest tracks on the album. The chorus is catchy and memorable, the vocals are totally solid and the guitar work suits it perfectly. You’re bound to be singing “War” to yourself long after the album comes to an end.

Another cool thing about Seeker is the fact that the band isn’t afraid to take risks. While “War” is a total pop-rock track, the song before it, “Miles To Go,” is very folky, with acoustic guitars and beautiful vocal harmonies. And the best part? It totally works. “Miles To Go,” while totally different from any other track on the album, doesn’t feel out of place. In fact, it is easily one of the strongest tracks on Seeker, showcasing My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure’s versatility and willingness to try something new.

At the heart of it, Seeker is a very well-polished album. My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure have created ten songs that are very easy to listen to, especially on warm summer afternoons. Seeker is upbeat and catchy while remaining mellow and easygoing at the same time, and the result is an album that you’re bound to listen to on repeat all summer long.

Rating: 3.5/5

Listen to "War" or "Dangerous To Be Alone"


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