Counterparts - Tragedy Will Find Us

Review by Dillon Crader

Tragedy Will Find Us is Counterparts fourth full-length album. Counterparts recently signed to Pure Noise Records, and I was interested to see if the direction of the band would differ going onto the new label, especially with the label being very “pop punk” friendly. 

My first thought listening to Tragedy Will Find Us was that Counterparts kept their sound that many people have seemed to cling to, which is awesome, but the album is something that I feel like I have already heard. The album does seem to lean a lot more towards metal-core compared to previous releases. There are a lot of build ups to breakdowns that sound really awesome at first but then seem to get pretty repetitive throughout the album. A great example of this, however is in “Burn”. The track builds up to a very fast paced and aggressive breakdown that is immediately followed by very melodic and pretty instrumental guitar work. The progression in "Burn" is a killer way to end the song and to change up the pace of the record. 

Despite the fact that this Tragedy Will Find Us feels like a Counterparts record I have already heard, there are key parts in certain songs that do definitely stand out. The guitar riffs and melodies in this album are outstanding as always. In almost every song I feel like Counterparts creates a sweet guitar riff that catches my attention, and I love it. 

Tragedy Will Find Us is a solid record. It does lack in potential as said before. I feel that it is something that is very similar to past releases and doesn’t really give me anything new to be very excited about, however there are definitely some strong points throughout the album that make it worth listening to. 

Rating: 3/5

Listen to "Burn"


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