Big Talk - Straight In No Kissin'

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Straight In No Kissin’ is dreamy, poppy, psychedelic and most of all, incredibly catchy. Big Talk have created eleven memorable and easy to listen to tracks that are perfect for summer with Straight In No Kissin’, and those warm vibes and danceable melodies start off nearly right off the bat.

The first song on Straight In No Kissin’ is verging on rock, with an opening hook of distorted guitar and vocals with heavy reverb effects, but almost immediately, the electronic elements come in and make it apparent that there is much more to this album than meets the eye. While there is a distinct lack of low tones and bass in this first track, Big Talk make up for that by the time the album comes to the end. “Animal Husband” is where things really get going, kicking off a strong guitar hook supplemented by dreamy keyboard parts and vocals that you’re bound to be singing along with by the time the song comes to an end. The chorus is catchy and danceable and the vocal harmonies are beautiful, proving that Big Talk are more than simple, catchy hooks and strong choruses. There is a lot going on instrumentally in this song, making it well worth listening to a few times over just to catch it all.

Following “Animal Husband,” it becomes apparent where Big Talk’s strengths lie. “What Happened to Delisa” hosts an infectious chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head, carried by catchy vocals and dancy keyboard parts laced over distorted guitar. A few songs later, “Cocktail Party” feels like a total summer jam - it’s catchy and upbeat with memorable vocal melodies and yet another big, strong chorus. On top of that, the instrumentation on “Cocktail Party” is some of the strongest on the album. These are songs to play at full volume while driving down the highway, or to add to a playlist for the next time you plan on having a party. However, Big Talk aren’t totally one dimensional. “All My Luvin’” for instance is a slower emotional ballad, carried mostly by guitar and strong vocals.

Bringing Straight In No Kissin’ to a strong close is “Another Satellite,” which hosts that strong bass tone that the first track, as well as a few others, were lacking. Coincidentally, “Another Satellite” is the most “rock” sounding track on the album, with very minimal keyboard parts. Instead, the song is carried heavily by bass, drums, distorted guitar and strong vocal parts. “Neon’s Not Enough Light,” the final track, is an explosion of energy, hosting everything that makes Straight In No Kissin’ strong, from a catchy chorus to wild guitar work supplemented well by keyboard, and subtle, pretty vocal harmonies. Leaving Straight In No Kissin’ on a high note, “Neon’s Not Enough Light” makes you want to listen to the album all over again.

Rating: 4/5

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