Foreign Tongues - Fragile, As Said Before

Review by Gabrielle DB

Sorrowful, holding no reservations, Fragile, As Said Before is a growing ember of sound that is captivating. Foreign Tongues deliver an eerie album that unfolds beautifully with blasé and blatantly honest lyrics encompassed by skilled musicianship. It must be noted that fellow New Englander Jay Maas (Defeater) has production credits for this stunning album.

"Fools of Love" is a groovy cut, and an extremely wise opening track. This song is filled with surprises, such as a building tempo that bursts into a pleasant upbeat rhythm. "Fools of Love" is a foreshadowing track for the ebb and flow of the entire album laced with highs and lows, and overall frayed pessimism. 

"Assembly" is a solemn track offering empathy for those effected by a loved one's death by suicide. The sincerity is definitely felt in the execution. 

"Halo" continues on to the stark reality of a harsh relationship that is "Hurt You." "Little Doors" is a nerving track before the cheery turning point that is the imagery filled acoustic "Sundress."

"Concrete Pillow" has a great vibe with bell shakers and amazing synth placed perfectly. This track carries the strong, and eerie lyrical content similar to "Little Doors."

"Placebo" is a soft, emotional track with soaring guitar parts. "Collect Yourself" exactly interprets the feeling of not being able to give or receive love though it may actually be feasible. "Leap Year" is another lyrical plight much like "Concrete Pillow" and "Little Doors." 

"Our Fragile Pain" closes the masterful album as one may write a farewell letter before leaving unannounced. With similar guitar parts as "Placebo," the beautiful, warm music contrasts the darker lyrics in such a brilliant way. 

After seeing a split with The Felix Culpa and a few EPs from Foreign Tongues, Fragile, As Said Before is such a well-crafted full-length album. A must listen album with an array of emotions that is both charming and thoughtful, also saddening, yet uplifting with a sense of false hopefulness.

Rating: 4.5/5

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