Kat Perkins - Drive

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Kat Perkins demands attention on her first full-length album, Drive. From the raspy rock 'n' roll opening track, to slower more emotional songs like “Take This Heart And Leave” and even poppier songs like “Dancing In The Stars,” Perkins’ voice shines on Drive, proving both her versatility and power as a vocalist.

“Drive,” the opening track on the album is the perfect mix of rock 'n' roll with just a little hint of a country sound. Perkins’ voice is powerful and commanding in this song, and by the time the chorus comes in, you’ll be dying to hop in your car and just drive as well. On the opposite end of the emotional spectrum is the following track, “Take This Heart And Leave,” which is a slower track. The contrast between “Take This Heart And Leave” and “Drive” is huge, but the song doesn’t sound out of place. Swapping powerful raspy vocals and yells for a softer, more vulnerable sound, Perkins shows that she can shine on both powerful, high energy tracks as well as more emotional songs.

The following track, “Marry Me,” takes you back to the sound on “Drive,” though the chorus seems to lack the soul that was palpable on the first two tracks. Despite the fact that it doesn’t seem to connect as much as the songs before it, though, “Marry Me” is absolutely catchy and infectious, contrasting incredibly with “Main Street” the slow and emotional track that follows. “Main Street” is on the opposite end of the spectrum from “Marry Me” both emotionally and musically, as it is rather simple and stripped down, showcasing Perkins’ emotional and soulful vocals amazingly. There really isn’t too much going on musically in this song, but the piano and orchestral elements do supplement Perkins’ voice well, making the song even stronger and more heart wrenching.

Keeping with the constantly changing sounds on the album, “Dancing In The Stars” is an incredibly catchy and poppy track, stepping away from the rock 'n' roll sound and ballads that come before it. The different moods on Drive are admittedly a little all over the place, but thankfully, the album doesn’t seem choppy or disconnected. Instead, Perkins finds a way to make her voice suit the different sounds on the album, successfully connecting each track and making them all flow together rather well.

The last three songs on Drive take you right back to the beginning, from the more powerful rock track, “The Hardest Part,” another emotional ballad, “When It Rains,” and the amazing final track, “Lets Get On The Road” that brings things full circle. Throughout every track on Drive, Kat Perkins’ voice is powerful, soulful and commanding, demanding attention from listeners. Emotions shine on the slower ballads, while her soul really comes out on the harder hitting tracks, and the balance between the different sounds on the album (as wide as the variety may be) is incredible. Kat Perkins’ first full-length is a total success.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Take This Heart And Leave"

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