Farnsworth - Farnsworth EP

Review by Dom Vigil

Farnsworth’s debut self-titled EP is fuzzy, moody and riddled with subtle yet strong moments that really shine. Opening up the album with heavily distorted guitar and crisp vocal harmonies is “On The Ground Again,” which really sets the tone for this EP. The sound throughout all four of these tracks is warm and fuzzy, perfect for late summer.

Where “On The Ground Again” is carried mostly by strong vocals and harmonies, “Priorities” is driven mostly by distorted guitar work and strong bass tones. Again, the vocal harmonies are a high point, but they seem to take a backseat to the instrumentals on this track, really letting the full band shine.

“For You” hosts an incredibly strong rhythm section, providing quite a bit of versatility, as the first two tracks on the album are definitely carried heavily by fuzzy guitars. While the bass seems to outshine the drums a little on his psychedelic sounding track, the song as a whole is incredibly strong. “For You” feels a little bit more like mellow rock ‘n’ roll, and the outcome is a soothing track that comes just in time before the final song on the EP.

That final track, “20 Days” just seems to take all of the strong aspects of the other songs on the EP and combines them into one track. The vocals in “20 Days” are raspy, raw and soulful, coupled with some strong guitar work and a bass line that you can practically feel in your chest. The drumming in this final track is some of the strongest on the album as well. The only complaint I really have is that it seems that the high point on Farnsworth’s EP comes at the very end with “20 Days.” While each song on the EP shines in its own way, it stays on pretty much the same level throughout every song, save for the final track, which is a bit more upbeat, carried by prominent, soulful vocals and a strong lead guitar part. Overall, however, Farnsworth’s new EP is refreshing. It’s mellow, moody and warm rock ‘n’ roll - something that is hard to come by but definitely welcomed.

Rating: 4/5

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