Motion Cntrl - Motion Cntrl

Review by Gabrielle DB

Motion Cntrl has cultivated a sound that is thoughtful, gripping, and mesmerizing. The Los Angeles based duo of Allyce Engelson and Luke Mertz grants listeners an experience of sound in their self-titled EP. Though all seven tracks are production and music centric, the lyrical content is fun and groovy. Engelson and Mertz have a great story of coming together through working at an agency, and eventually linking through music. As a whole, Motion Cntrl's sound is synth heavy, with a learned experience to not muddle every track into a repetitive loop. The vocal pass off of each member entices a coy playfulness as Engelson follows Mertz, or vice versa, and even in harmony on some tracks. Motion Cntrl has delivered a hypnotic journey through this self-titled EP.

"Heavy Loss" comes in with synth rising like heat, culminating in a snare driven beat with keys jumping in to complete the stimulus. Engelson enters with sweet vocals, and Mertz quietly joining in directly under through most of the lyrics. "It's On You" features a dynamic, evenly matched vocal coupling with both vocals shining and sharing attention. A sort of tease between a broken up pair of lovers about what is lost is lost is presented with playful keys, bass, and alto vocals.

"Messenger" is solely Engelson's alto, 80s-esque vocals with synth giving way to keys. This track stands out by giving listeners a glimpse of blended influences.

"You Got Me" balances a fierceness and frailty in vocal delivery. A seemingly restraint Mertz opens the track, handing off to a bold Engelson, leading into a flawless harmony of the two. Distorted vocals hover beneath Engelson's first verse, and pop in a few other times throughout the track. A saxophone supplements the established synth driven sound, making this track distinct. 

An unbalanced expectation of love with one party looking ahead whilst the other drags in the past is offered in "Say When." This synth heavy track showcases longing light vocal tones.

"Crystalline Heat" creates a visual sphere with clashing music. This busy track is tantalizing to multiple senses. 

Closing track "Lonely Weather" demonstrates the range and versatility of both vocalists. Saxophone hops in on this track, though not as prevalent as "You Got Me," which is perfectly fine as to not wear down the novelty of its use. The fun music effects throughout the track give way to the cliff dropping end of the track and album. A strong finish to such a great run of tracks. 

An irresistible sound laced with good vibes creates an atmosphere for listeners to dissolve into a trance. This self-titled EP is a valiant release for electronic music; Motion Cntrl is on to something great, a must listen!

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "It's On You"


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