The Winter Passing - A Different Space Of Mind

Review by Shannon Shumaker

It’s hard to say what the best part about The Winter Passing’s new full-length A Different Space Of Mind is, and that most certainly isn’t a bad thing. This album is a total journey from start to finish, supplementing listeners with flawless and effortless dual vocal parts and harmonies, warm and full instrumentals, and many different moods that are sure to make you feel as if you’ve experienced something incredible by the time it comes to an end.

The vocals on the album’s opening track hook you immediately, as they are very warm and inviting. This being my first time listening to The Winter Passing (and knowing practically nothing about them) I didn’t expect the female vocals to come in on the second verse of “The Fever,” but I was more than pleasantly surprised when they did. And then, just when you think the song couldn’t get any better, the male and female vocal parts mesh together amazingly, creating some mind blowingly beautiful harmonies. “The Fever” just seems to grow and grow as it progresses, and by the time it fades out, I’m interested to see where the rest of this album will take me.

“Penny Chains” follows “The Fever” and comes in with bright guitar work and beautiful yet subtle instrumentals. While it doesn’t feel quite as big or as energetic as “The Fever,” “Penny Chains” definitely feels very warm and full. Again, the vocal harmonies between the male and female parts are amazing on this track, and the instrumentals compliment the vocal parts well. When the music cuts out toward the end of the song and you’re just let with the two vocal parts singing, “I’m losing sleep at night/I have a feeling it’s a lot to do with you,” you’re bound to be blown away. The songwriting choices, especially to end the song hanging, are also incredibly smart and unique.

The following track, “Flowerpot” is darker, but no less beautiful, showing that The Winter Passing are capable of creating great tracks even when they aren’t bright and softer. With this song, it becomes apparent that this group is more than capable of making you feel many different things within a short amount of time, and the rest of the album only promises do so even more. “Nowhere Still,” the following song, just proves it. The vocals, while still strong, take a bit of a back seat to the full band, which shines on this track, carried by big drums and distorted guitar and bass work. “Nowhere Still” is very upbeat and full.

“Creak” follows the diverse pattern of this album and is hauntingly beautiful, kicking off with echoey guitar and soft, somber vocals. When the full band comes in, it feels rather dark and eerie, and the vocals and music only get stronger as it goes on. Then, upbeat and full “Daisy” comes in with strong vocal harmonies yet again in the chorus. “Fruits Of Gloom” shows yet another side of The Winter Passing, starting off slow and beautiful before becoming big and anthemic as it goes on, carried by emotional vocals and big drums.

The final song, and also the album’s title track, leaves A Different Space Of Mind on a positive note with a catchy chorus. This song has a little bit of everything that makes the album strong, paired with big buildups and strong guitar work that will leave listeners lingering for more. A Different Space Of Mind is not only a fun listen, but an emotional adventure that is sure to connect with listeners both new and old.

Rating: 5/5

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