Cardinals Pride - Those People Will Never Die

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Cardinals Pride’s new EP, Those People Will Never Die begins with an explosion of energy on “I’m Alright,” and that same aggressive tone sticks around for all five songs, making for a very fast-paced and hard hitting release. Thankfully, “I’m Alright,” as well as the rest of the EP doesn’t lose any momentum as it chugs forward. Instead, the song only seems to get stronger, a feat considering how hard and fast the song starts and the fact that it also progresses into clean vocals later on. The guitar work in the opening track is also consistently strong and fun to listen to throughout the entire song. “I’m Alright” as well as the other four songs on Those People Will Never Die never loses that fire and energy that it starts off with.

“Bearers” starts similar to “I’m Alright,” with an explosion of sound and aggressive screams. The vocals are the high point on this song, though it also hosts some really great drumming, especially in the fills between vocal parts. The transition between screams and clean vocals is rather smooth as well, making for a very easy to listen to song, and the many different parts, especially the slower bridge make this track stand out from the rest. The following track, “Boundaries” is explosive as well, but it’s in the guitar work that this song really shines. Throughout the entire song, the guitar work is sweeping and beautiful, with effortless solos and strong riffs that really add an emotional and almost pretty level to the song.

The only downside on Those People Will Never Die actually comes in the high energy that makes the EP strong. While the consistently intricate guitar work and aggressive screams are definitely a standout on this EP, it also makes for some very similar sounding tracks and no room for listeners to really take a breath. There isn’t necessarily a slow song on this EP, which is both a strength and a weakness, because it can get a little overwhelming at times, but at the same time, it makes for an unrelenting and incredibly fun to listen to release.

“Centuries” ends the album just as it starts, with an explosive intro, incredible guitar work and vocals that are sure to blow you away. Setting itself apart from the rest of the EP, “Centuries” has possibly the slowest clean chorus of all five songs, with vocals that really shine through the otherwise fast guitar work. With this final song, Cardinals Pride show just what they’re capable of, promising even more incredible work on any future releases to come.

Rating: 4/5

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