Post Season / Such A Mess - Greetings From Split EP

Review by Dillon Crader

Post Season kicks off their split EP with Such A Mess with a very upbeat and excellent pop-punk sound that really puts their foot down in the pop-punk scene. Both of their songs, “Backroads” and “Never Tell Me The Odds” are substantial pop-punk tracks, however the only gripe I have is that I feel I have heard these songs before. This isn’t a bad thing though; overall, this split is very well put together and Post Season sounds fantastic with their two tracks, giving listeners a chance to really understand who they are and what they’re all about. 

Such A Mess absolutely kills it on their side of the split. It seems that Such A Mess approach the pop-punk genre in a different aspect, giving it an incredibly unique sound. The song, “Tether” has a strong guitar riff and melody that just adds more flavor to the song and makes me want to hear more from the band. Not only is “Tether” a great song, but “Keep To Myself (In F Major Sharp)” has a darker sound that really adds a personal touch, rather than a continuously upbeat and fast paced feeling.

Overall, both halves of the split are strong, giving listeners a good chance to get their hands on some new music and understand both Post Season and Such A Mess. The EP leaves me excited to hear more releases coming from both bands to see the direction that they are heading in and what they will do next.

Rating: 3/5

Listen to "Keep To Myself (In F Major Sharp)"


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