Mandroid Echostar - Coral Throne

Review by Gabrielle DB

One word to describe Mandroid Echostar's debut full-length: epic. Coral Throne is a concept album encapsulating colonialism, organized religions impeding upon traditional spirituality, and cultural genocide. Mandroid Echostar hails from Guelph, Ontario, Canada, an area originally, and still, inhabited by the First Nations; this album honors their existence, resiliency, and prosperity as people.   

“Hypnos” lulls you into a sense of security before pummeling the album wide open. This track is instantly hooking and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Coral Throne has serious groove factor seamlessly woven into hard-hitting melodies. “The Lotus” and “Paladin” feature some of the catchiest choruses. 

With the soaring melodies, the tracks seem to run into one another at times, creating a sense of never ending awesomeness. “Metatron” carries off of the tail end of “Sacred Fire” continuing the heavy sound. “Matoax” is lengthy enough to feel as though there are at least two songs in one.

“Violet Skies” has a beautiful fragility in the vocal delivery. The technicality of the instruments do not compete, but complement one another. This track ends at a full-stop, comparable to needing air after having your breath taken away.

“Midnight Sun” feels very happy, and hopeful. “Iron Hands” immediately tears away the zeal of its predecessor with a more grim outlook on circumstances.

“Zelos” is a captivating conclusion to an incredible album. A full turnaround takes place with this track, as what opened with “Hypnos” structurally ends the album with “Zelos.” The build up to the very last verse is so fantastic.

Coral Throne is fantastic, showcasing all members' abilities and talents along with a throughly executed concept. Mandroid Echostar showcase a refreshing, well-articulated sound. Definitely check this album out.

Rating: 4.5/5

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