Raise Your Fall - Echoes

Review by Gabrielle DB

The latest EP from Raise Your Fall, Echoes, is extremely fun and wholly embodies Pop-Punk. The numerous vocal handoffs throughout the EP showcase the depth of fluidity and agreeableness amongst the band. The instrumentation couples so well with the vocals.

“Come Closer” opens with a distant, muffled riff before kicking in. A gritty delivery, with a bit of sarcastic laughter somehow makes the tug-of-war of wanting someone and wanting someone to leave fun.

“I'll Get My Life Back” is the summation of allowing someone in so deep that they actually take a bit of your essence with them, and then having to cope and reclaim it back. In typical Pop-Punk fashion, a super heavy subject is presented with light, and catchy melodies. Properly placed gang vocals add weight to the track.

“Echoes” hold the most interesting instrumentation and vocal range. The emotionally charged “4 AM” allows the backing vocals and vocal harmonies to shine, doing so really makes the track much more heartfelt.

“Drowning” is lyrically witty and edgy. “If I Were To Fall” wraps this fantastic EP up. This track is about being taken to a breaking point and having to break away. The instrumentation is reminiscent of “I'll Get My Life Back,” but is not executed as heartfelt lyrically.

I am obsessed with Raise Your Fall. This Modena, Italy band has such a great sound, and we will all be waiting to hear more from them. Echoes is such a great listen, definitely check it out!

Rating: 4/5

Listen to: Echoes

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