The Pooches - Heart Attack

Review by Shannon Shumaker

The Pooches' new EP, Heart Attack feels like summertime. With a sound that is surf rock with a poppy, modern twist, Heart Attack hooks you within the first few notes and lulls you into relaxation and happiness by the time the first track comes to an end.

It makes sense that the guitar is the first thing you hear on Heart Attack, because it is definitely the driving force of all four poppy, easygoing tracks. With a simplistic Beach Boys sound, the guitar work on this EP is both timeless and refreshing, giving us a hint of nostalgia while also providing listeners with something new. The soft and soothing vocals that kick off the opening title track are inviting, making it impossible not to enjoy it. As soon as the first chorus comes in, you’ll want nothing more than to nod your head along and relax in bed while listening to the EP. As the guitar work progresses in not only “Heart Attack,” but also the rest of the EP, there are some hints of influences from The Cure as well, and the meshing of sounds is well thought out and stunning.

“Crabhammer” picks up the pace after the sleepy and easy going opening track, carried more by the faster drum work and catchy lead guitar hooks. Though the vocals tend to stay on pretty much the same level as “Heart Attack,” the instrumentals on this track make it stand out. Then, “Pierre” comes in and feels a little more on the indie/folk side, especially in the vocals and guitar work, which sounds a bit like Vampire Weekend at times. “Pierre” is fun and dancy, which makes sense, especially considering the song's lyrics, including lines like, “Close the curtains and dance Pierre/We’ll pretend there’s no one there.”

Closing out Heart Attack is “Rhythm of The Rain,” which has a longing and sad mood to it, all on top of soft and poppy instrumentals. The resulting sound is bittersweet and beautiful. “Rhythm of The Rain” is a great ending track because it paints a picture and leaves you waiting for more. The only real downside of Heart Attack comes in the EP’s length. These four songs are rather short, and just when you really start to get into the mood of the EP, it’s already over. Because of its length, Heart Attack comes and goes almost too quickly, before you can really get a handle on The Pooches. The plus side to this means that fans will eagerly be awaiting the group’s next release, which, if it sounds anything like Heart Attack, will be a total game changer. 

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Pierre"


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