The Starting Line - Anyways

Review by Dom Vigil

The three song EP, Anyways marks the first new music from The Starting Line since 2007, and it’s safe to say that the band’s patient fans will not be disappointed with this taste-test of new music. The Starting Line don’t play it safe on this EP, either, delivering a fresh new sound that, while reminiscent of their earlier work at times, sounds like a new beginning.

“Anyways” is the first new song from The Starting Line that fans will hear in nine years, and it is a success simply because it manages to blend the elements that made listeners fall in love with the band with a bright new sound. “Well I've been given a lot of time/To get my life set straight and my head on right,” are the first few lines from the opening track, and seem to serve as a hello to everyone who has stuck with The Starting Line after all this time, and thankfully, it has been worth the wait. Vocalist Kenny Vasoli’s time with his other project, Vacationer definitely bleeds over into the easygoing vocals and the relaxing mood of “Anyways,” but there’s an energy and fire to the song that can’t be found in any Vacationer tracks.

“Quitter” is a little more upbeat and fast paced than “Anyways,” but like the first track, there’s an easygoing quality about the vocals. The second of the three songs feels very light hearted and fresh, a perfect transition from the opener, complete with subtle, yet stunning vocal harmonies and urgent instrumentals. The final song, “Luck,” is spearheaded by the prominent guitar, and when the bass and drums eventually come in, it all feels very smooth and natural. Similar to “Anyways,” “Luck” is a little more laid back, but that’s not a bad thing. “Luck,” and the EP as a whole, is the product of the band not trying to force anything, and the result is a very easy to listen to and cohesive comeback release.

This three song EP is the perfect way to re-introduce The Starting Line to the world. While short, Anyways shows promise and reminds us why we all fell in love with, and still love The Starting Line, even after all of these years.

Rating: 5/5

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