Choir of Young Believers - Grasque

Review by Nina Schirmer

Coming back with their album Grasque, Choir of Young Believers gets experimental and provides listeners with peaceful, refreshing, and fun vibes. The pop and electronic influenced album is a really interesting listen with trippy and colorful sounding songs. With twelve songs on the album, it starts out with a shorter track called “Olimpiysky,” which is composed of soothing vocals and gentle instrumentation giving you a feel for what the album might be like. It then transitions to one of the more fun songs on the album, “Serious Lover,” which is lyrically repetitive but vocally, it flows really nicely with the beat of the song. 

The third track on the album, “Vaserne,” is a peaceful song including lyrics that aren’t in English, which in a way, makes it more interesting and soothing with soft vocals and simple yet really pretty instrumentation. The fourth track on the album, “Face Melting,” is a stranger track that could also be described as really trippy. The album then transitions over to “Græsk” which is a longer track that continues on the slow dream-like sounds of the album with a continuous beat and soothing vocals. The sixth track on the album, “Jer Ser Dig,” picks up the pace again with a more fun rhythm and repetitive vocals. 

Grasque then flows into the song “World War,” which returns the album back to more English vocals, and is also a slower paced song, but it is slow in a good relaxing way like most of the songs on the album. It has a fun slow beat that is catchy and really enjoyable. The next song, “Sax,” floats through as a shorter track, but it is also really elegant and simply beautiful. Track nine, “Perfect Estocada,” continues on with the same slow rhythmic pop sounds which are very similar to other songs on the album. The next song, “Salvatore,” is another shorter track that has a very heavenly and soft flow to it. The album then quickly transitions to a really different sounding song called, “Gamma Moth” that has really unique instrumentation that changes often. Closing up Grasque with “Does It Look,” Choir of Young Believers successfully solidify their fresh, experimental, electronic and different sounding album with a longer track that smoothly brings the colorful sounding album to an end. 

Rating: 4/5

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