Montoneros - Heat Horse EP

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Montoneros’ Heat Horse EP is a stunning three song release. From the moment that the soft, sweeping guitar work comes in on opening track, “Cher, The Wealth” until the quickly changing moods of “Ram’s Blood,” the EP is soothing, relaxing and fun to listen to.

The first thing that stands out about Heat Horse is the clarity of the EP’s sound. The vocals are bright and crisp, and the guitar work, whether it is full of reverb and soothing, or more sweeping and intricate, is careful and precise - every note leaves you wanting more. “Cher, The Wealth” is not only a very easygoing opening track, but it also keeps you on your toes, changing tempo and mood within seconds. Highlights of the song are definitely when the horn instruments come in later on, and in the way that it builds and builds up until the end.

“Eye of MacGyver” doesn’t start off quite as fast as “Cher, The Wealth,” with sleepy bass work and soft guitar bringing it in, but as soon as the song does kick in, the long intro is well worth the wait. Much like “Cher, The Wealth,” this track seems to grow and progress very easily and naturally. While it is a quite a bit sleepier, the soft guitar plucking and captivating vocals are sure to keep you interested.

“Ram’s Blood,” starts off in a very atmospheric sense, with the sounds of a busy street serving as the song’s backdrop, but then, all of the background noise goes away when the song comes in, and the result is very soothing and comforting. The highlight of the EP’s final track is definitely toward the end of the song, when the guitar work picks up the pace, transitioning into some more frantic sweeping alongside fun drumming and strong bass work. Everything really seems to come together at the end of the EP, and then, just when you start to get into the groove, it comes to an end, leaving you both satisfied and wanting more.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "Ram's Blood"


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