MAYVE - Animals

Review by Shannon Shumaker

MAYVE’s new EP, Animals is catchy, fun and most of all, absolutely stunning. From wild instrumentals and catchy synth to beautiful vocal runs, all five songs are captivating and catchy, establishing a solid sound from the Long Island quintet.

Starting things off right is the EP’s opening track, “Talking To Myself.” The first track does exactly what any first song should do - it hooks you right from the beginning and refuses to let go. While it starts relatively quietly, the lead synth part eventually comes in and cuts through the quiet, and within seconds, there’s no questioning exactly what MAYVE are all about. With a sonic blend of Mutemath and Passion Pit, it’s hard not to dance along with the catchy opening track.

Following “Talking To Myself” is the big and inspirational track, “Higher,” and the fun and upbeat, “Hearts On Fire.” Both songs serve to really solidify the sound of Animals while also showcasing a couple of different sides to MAYVE. While “Higher” has a very big feeling to it, “Hearts On Fire” feels like summertime, the perfect soundtrack to hanging out on the beach later this year.

Completely shaking things up is the EP’s fourth track, “Magic,” which sounds nothing like the rest of Animals, and for obvious reasons. Swapping high energy and catchy synth parts for soft vocals and acoustic guitar, “Magic” is a rough transition at first. However, as the song progresses, it’s easy to fall in love with, both because of the emotional lyrics and the way it builds and becomes bigger as time goes on. “West Coast” then comes in at the end with a very mellow and dreamy synth-pop sound, providing a lingering end for Animals.

Animals is a promising release from MAYVE. With five songs that establish a strong sound for the band, they can only go up from here. And although the stripped down “Magic” may feel a little out of place, it safe to say that this five piece will absolutely expand on their sound on any other future releases.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "Talking To Myself"


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