Romp - Departures From Venus

Review by Dillon Crader

It is awesome to see Tinder actually come to good use for once in our lifetime.  ROMP members Madison Klarer and Lucas Dalakian both met on tinder, not knowing that they would find more than just a match, and create some amazing music. Departures From Venus is Romp’s first full-length release and let me tell you, it does not disappoint. It is a perfect mixture of synth pop and emo.

I will start off by saying that what made me fall in love with this album was the amazing guitar work. The opening song, “Backfire” starts the whole album with a weird sound of distortion and vocals that remind me of an opening for a cartoon. But shortly after this, the strong guitar riff comes through and rips up everything, which is jus mind blowing. 

Another song that is just flat out killer is “Naner Manor.” This track is similar to bands like Joyce Manor, that are very punchy and in your face. “Naner Manor” is full of energy between the great drumming, strong guitar work, and the perfect blend of vocals and harmonies on this track. 

Overall, Departures From Venus is a strong release. Again, what stands out most for me is the great detailed guitar playing on this album. While the rest of Departures From Venus is well put together, the guitar work really carries much of the album. If you are into bands like Peach Kelli Pop and Joyce Manor, I recommend Departures From Venus - you will not be disappointed. 

Rating: 3.5/5

Listen to "Naner Manor"


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