Secret Space / The Flats - Split

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Split EPs can be a both a blessing and a curse. Giving two artists a chance to showcase their music for both new and old listeners, they each only have a few minutes to catch attention and win fans over. Thankfully, Secret Space and The Flats’ new split does just that.

Kicking things off is “Window Room” from Ohio trio, Secret Space. This quiet, mellow track starts out with just the bass and drums, which end up serving as a backbone, with soft vocals floating over them. “Window Room” starts off slow, and for a moment, it seems like it’s going to stay that way, but then it builds all while still lulling you into relaxation. And just when you wish the song would change pace, it does, exploding right before coming to an end. The build up on “Window Room” is well worth the wait and because it ends so quickly, only leaving you wanting more.

“Machinery” by Ohio/Michigan six piece, The Flats then takes over and already, it is obvious why these two groups are sharing a split. With mellow, stunning vocals and soft instrumentals similar to Secret Space’s sound, The Flats kick off their track, but the explosion of sound comes much quicker from them. While still remaining pretty and soothing, both in the instrumentals and vocals, “Machinery” changes pace a few times, staying slow and quiet in the verses and really exploding with a bright chorus. Much like “Window Room,” “Machinery” also grows and grows until the end, leaving listeners on a high note and wanting more.

This split EP does exactly what one should do - it makes you want to know more about both bands and anxious for whatever they each release next. With similar sounds and moods, “Machinery” and “Window Room” sound flawless side by side. Secret Space and The Flats couldn’t have chosen better songs for this split.

Rating: 5/5



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