Summer Wars - Acoustic EP

Review by Dom Vigil

Summer Wars have reimagined their recently released EP, Better Days into five acoustic tracks, and this version is a total success. Swapping high energy drumming and guitar work for a more laid back sound, the acoustic EP gives you more of a chance to focus on the beautiful vocal harmonies and well thought out guitar work that makes Summer Wars’ sound strong.

“Effortless,” easily the best song on the original version of the EP, translates flawlessly into the acoustic version. With vocals that sound significantly less produced, more crisp and raw, this song feels much more “human” as the lyrics suggest. Even without a full band, “Effortless” is just that - it keeps the high energy without trying too hard, and feels very easy and natural.

Showcasing the vocal harmonies on the EP is the next track, “Weight Of The World.” While “Weight Of The World” and “Effortless” sound very similar on the original EP, they really stand out on their own acoustically, which gives you a chance to really focus on the little things. The acoustic guitar work on “Weight Of The World” is especially soft and pretty, for instance, highlighting the vocal work well. “Better Days” is an emotional high point of the EP. Much like the other songs, the vocals and lyrics really stand out, but this song works really well as a whole, with the fast changing guitar work and soft clapping/drumming in the background. Even as an acoustic track, “Better Days” manages to sound very full.

The Better Days Acoustic EP also includes a new song titled, “Live Defeated.” Much like better days, this track is emotionally powerful. “Live Defeated” feels like the cumulation of the entire EP, with a very full sound, multiple vocal parts and beautiful harmonies. This track was created specifically to shine on this EP, and it does just that, providing a perfect closing track.

This EP is a testament to Summer Wars’ versatility. The band has managed to transform a high energy, and at times very heavily produced EP into this raw and stunning acoustic EP, and have pulled it off flawlessly. It just goes to show that Summer Wars have more than a few tricks up their sleeve.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "Live Defeated"


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