Safe, So Simple - Too Close To Closure


Review by Shannon Shumaker

Safe, So Simple is easycore at it’s finest. Starting with a sound bite from Tommy Boy, their new EP, Too Close To Closure is sure to take you back, but their sound is fresh and fun.

With the way that the opening track, “Within Reach” starts, it’s hard to know what to expect from Safe, So Simple. This first song is only a short minute in length, and right when you start to enjoy the killer vocal harmonies, it’s over. Thankfully, though, “Ghost In My Backseat” starts a lot faster than “Within Reach” and it’s easy to understand exactly what Safe, So Simple are all about. Like “Within Reach,” “Ghost In My Backseat” hosts some strong vocal harmonies as well as some great guitar work. The second song also includes some well suited guest vocals from Joe Candelaria of Forever Came Calling, which shine, but don’t outshine the band.

“Teeth Like Sharks” is another strong track thanks to the fun guitar work and multiple vocal parts that are not only catchy, but also keep you interested. The only gripe I have about this track comes in the screams, which don’t really seem to fit the otherwise very upbeat and positive vibe of the song, and at times, unfortunately tend to drown out the clean vocals. Where the vocals may lack in this song, though, Safe, So Simple make up for in stellar guitar and bass work. Rounding up the EP is the guitar driven, “Welp, Better Luck Next Year” and the catchy, “Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try,” which serves as a perfect ending track.

Safe, So Simple’s Too Close To Closure is brief but fun. The sound that the band has established on this EP is solid and very well established - these guys obviously know who they are and are confident about it. The future looks bright for Safe, So Simple, who will hopefully have the chance to branch out even more on any future releases.

Rating: 3.5/5

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