The Wild Feathers - Lonely Is A Lifetime

Review by Dom Vigil

The Wild Feathers’ new full-length, Lonely Is A Lifetime is a versatile, captivating, and most of all creative release. It’s hard to pin just one genre on Lonely Is A Lifetime, as all eleven tracks have their own unique blend of sounds, moods and themes.

“Overnight” starts things off with an upbeat, fun sound, complete with captivating vocals, soft instrumentals and strong drums that just feel warm and sound like summer. The first track really sets the tone for the album, even if each track may vary after it, as it is very dreamy and groovy, a theme that can be found on many songs on Lonely Is A Lifetime. Keeping that energy going is the following song, “Sleepers.” Though it feels like the title suggests, sleepier and slower than the first track, it is no less warm or beautiful. The vocal harmonies on “Sleepers” are gorgeous and the instrumentals are dreamy and atmospheric, much like “Overnight.” The first two songs on Lonely Is A Lifetime have a very unique blend of fresh sounds while still remaining timeless and classic. Only two songs in, and it’s apparent that this is an album that fans will be listening to for years to come.

“Sleepers” then fades perfectly into “Goodbye Song,” which is more groovy and raw than the first two tracks. The grittiness in the vocals, compared to soft vocal work in the first two songs, is a nice change of pace, showing us yet another side of The Wild Feathers. However, the downside in “Goodbye Song” comes in the track’s length. Clocking in at just over eight minutes, “Goodbye Song” is the nearly twice the length of every other song on the album, and while the guitar work that fades the track out is stellar, it does cause the album to lose a bit of the momentum that it was building in the beginning. If “Goodbye Song” would have been placed closer to the end of the album, it may have flowed better. But thankfully, The Wild Feathers are very quick to recover. Following the sleepy “Goodbye Song” is “Don’t Ask Me To Change,” which comes in and picks things right back up again. With some of the strongest vocal work on Lonely Is A Lifetime spearheading the track right off the bat, “Don’t Ask Me To Change” starts strong and only gets better, complete with a catchy lead guitar hook and a memorable chorus.

The following song, “Happy Again,” feels just how the title suggests - it’s upbeat, poppy and catchy, carried primarily by a strong standout bassline, followed by stellar vocals and guitar work. “Happy Again” marks a turning point in the album, and gives us more of that classic, timeless sound that can be found on the first few songs. This song is all about hanging out with friends, having a good time, and most importantly, being happy. It’ll be perfect to jam this summer. The next track, “Leave Your Light On,” feels very similar, but is especially strong in the drum and bass work. The vocals are also a high point, as some of the best harmonies on the album can be found in this track. “Leave Your Light On” and “Happy Again” also feel very full compared to the first few groovy tracks.

Another standout is the album’s title track, which isn’t quite as explosive as “Leave Your Light On,” but is strong all the same. “Lonely Is A Lifetime” is very quiet, carried mostly by echoey vocals and minimal guitar work, but it is one of the more emotional and raw songs on the album, setting it apart from the pack. Then, picking things right back up is “On My Way,” which is strong for the same reasons as the upbeat tracks that come before it. “On My Way” is perfect for long drives this summer.

Bringing Lonely Is A Lifetime to a strong close is “Into The Sun” which feels like a celebration, and The Wild Feathers have absolutely earned it. The strong drums, beautiful acoustic guitar work and chanting vocals feel timeless, much like the rest of the album. Then comes “Hallelujah,” a spacey and dreamy ending track. Lonely Is A Lifetime doesn’t end with a bang, but it doesn’t need to. The Wild Feathers have simply created something that is unlike anything else that their peers have been able to accomplish. They’re not necessarily playing by the rules, and that’s what makes this such an incredible release, something that fans will be listening to for years to come.

Rating: 4.5/5

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