The Dose - The Dose EP

Review by Shannon Shumaker

The Dose’s new self-titled EP is spearheaded by fuzzy guitar and bass alongside powerful vocals and drums, a loud and full combination that is hard to believe comes from only two men. While a little raw and unpolished, this EP is full of real energy and emotion that wouldn’t sound right if it were overproduced or fake.

The opening track, “Glory” is the epitome of fuzz - with gritty vocals and guitar work carrying it forward. “Glory” is rather simplistic, but it makes for a an attention-grabbing opener, and if simplistic isn’t your thing, fret not. This six song EP is very versatile. The second song and lead single, “Cold Hands” is where The Dose really shine. Vocally, Indio Downey is at his best on this somewhat softer song, allowing you to really hear the emotion behind the words. While the fuzziness of “Glory” is still present, “Cold Hands” has many more layers than the opening track, from the softer vocals and keys to the intricate yet somewhat mellow drumming from Ralph Alexander. And although “Cold Hands” may be on the softer side, it still feels very full for a two piece.

Following “Cold Hands” is the more gritty side of The Dose in “Truth Lies Inside.” This third song is very guitar driven, with powerful vocals layered on top. Changing things up again is “Shadows Close Behind,” which shows us a more moody, dark side of The Dose, complete with heavily distorted vocals intercut with acoustics and pretty instrumentals. Though it can be a little sleepy at times, “Shadows Close Behind” is strong because of the diverse sounds throughout the song. And then comes “Adore,” a soft love song, completely different from the rest of the EP and a perfect change of pace right before the lengthy final track. “Space Trader” is the instrumental closer that really showcases the musical prowess of this duo, promising even more intricate and diverse work in the future.

This EP, while short, is raw and energetic, emotional and a little all over the place. Each song is sure to keep you on your toes, with constantly changing sounds and moods. The Dose definitely establish a distinct sound on this self-titled EP, and with a full-length in their future, they’ll only be able to hone in on their own unique brand of music even more.

Rating: 3.5/5

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