In God We Rust - Keep It Cool

Review by Shannon Shumaker

You can practically taste the grit in Keep It Cool, the debut EP from Carson Allen under his new moniker, In God We Rust. Okay, maybe you can’t taste it, but you can certainly feel the raw, grungy sound only seconds into the EP. With a new title that suits the sound perfectly, In God We Rust has crafted three beautifully executed songs on Keep It Cool.

Title track opens things up, and everything about the song makes you feel like you’re right in the studio with Cason Allen. The guitar work is gritty, dirty and most of all, real. From the simplistic lead hook to the Rage Against The Machine esque guitar solo, the guitar work is a prominent driving force behind the song. But that’s not to say that the vocals fall to the wayside. With a rough edge, the vocal work is captivating and commanding, easy to fall in love with. The only part of the opening track that doesn’t necessarily step up to the plate is the drumming, which doesn’t sound quite as full next to the guitar and vocals, but that’s easy to forget in between the wild solo and soft “ooh”s.

Fuzz and feedback then fades into the next song, “DANCE (Mr. Misogyny),” which immediately hosts those fuller feeling drums that the first song seemed to be lacking slightly. This track is definitely more drum driven, with echoey vocals layered on top. And again, the vocal work is stellar on this track, from soulful crooning to the wild screams and staccato verses. “DANCE (Mr. Misogyny)” is short, but sweet and very high energy.

The third and final song, “Anxiety” is the compilation of the strengths of the first two tracks. The guitar work is captivating, noisy and raw, there is a wide range of vocal work on display, and you’re bound to be bobbing your head along with the drum beat in no time. There’s a simple intensity in “Anxiety” that serves as the perfect closing to the EP, leaving no questioning just who In God We Rust is, and leaving listeners anxiously awaiting more.

Rating: 4.5/5

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