Larkin Poe - RESKINNED

Review by Shannon Shumaker

RESKINNED, the new album from sister duo Larkin Poe is relentless. From aggressive, raw tracks like opener, “Sucker Puncher,” to more western inspired songs like “Stubborn Love” or even the sweet and soft “Overachiever,” all twelve songs are not only powerful, but also captivating, diverse and a sound all their own.

“Sucker Puncher” hits you like a punch to the gut right off the bat with soulful, powerful vocals. Complete with a slight grit and a bit of fuzz that blends perfectly with the raw guitar tone, the vocals on “Sucker Puncher” are bound to hook you in no time. But if this aggressive opening track doesn’t quite sell you, I urge you to at least keep listening until “Trouble In Mind.” The rebellious and fun second track is catchy as hell, hosting the same powerful vocals from the first song, but alongside some upbeat drums and stellar guitar work. While it can be a little sporadic and random in the verses, the chorus is where everything really comes together in “Trouble In Mind.”

The same sort of strong beat can be found in the following song, “Don’t,” but even more powerful is the next track, “When God Closes A Door,” which is full of passion and energy. The acoustic guitar plucking that brings in the track is stunning and high energy, and by the time the song really comes in, it’s hard to believe that Larkin Poe is simply a duo. Rebecca and Megan Lovell absolutely pull their own weight and then some, and the massive and soulful “When God Closes A Door” is the perfect example of exactly that.

Taking another turn is “Stubborn Love,” which is a soft, sweet take on an otherwise classic western sound. The quiet intensity in the instrumentals contrasts beautifully with the stunning vocal harmonies. And lyrically, “Stubborn Love” is all too relatable, with lines like, “I know you/And you can find your own way/But when we find it together/I know it’s better.”

Slowing things down in the second half of the album is the eerie “Banks Of Allatoona.” This track is a little more groovy and slower than the songs that come before it, but again, the change of pace is welcome. And even when things do begin slow down, the aggressive and frustrated, “Blunt” keeps things interesting. Spectacular vocals will keep you captivated in “Crown Of Fire,” as well. And just because the vocals are gorgeous doesn’t mean the other instruments fall by the wayside - the acoustic guitar work is absolutely incredible and the backing vocals are hauntingly beautiful. Then comes the final track, “Overachiever.” Soft, carried simply by piano and vocals, it sounds nothing like the rest of the album, and the final change in sound only keeps you wanting more all while bringing the album to a strong and beautiful conclusion.

The many different sounds and moods on RESKINNED are some of the album’s many highlights, and thankfully, they tie in together effortlessly. There isn’t one moment that sounds off or out of place. Even when it’s a sound that you wouldn’t expect, like on “Stubborn Love,” it just works. In no time, it’ll hit you - these two women are capable of taking anything and making it work for them. If RESKINNED doesn’t win you over within the first track, keep listening, and in no time, Rebecca and Megan Lovell are sure to blow your mind.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Trouble In Mind" or "Stubborn Love"


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