Ghosts Again - The Closest Thing To Closure

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Ghosts Again are not your run of the mill post hardcore band, and their new EP, The Closest Thing To Closure is not your regular five-song EP. Though it can be hard for a band to showcase their versatility while establishing a strong sound and keeping listeners interested, that’s exactly what Ghosts Again have accomplished with this EP. Aggressive guitar work and soulful, melodic vocals combine to create five diverse and emotional tracks that promise to take you on a journey.

At first, “Skeleton Boy,” the opening track, threatens to come off as a little bit generic or safe, but then the vocals come in, and it’s apparent that Ghosts Again have something truly special. Gritty and filled to the brim with emotion, the vocals in “Skeleton Boy” are absolutely the song's driving force, backed up by ambitious and aggressive guitar work that transitions from wild and fast-paced to more beautiful clean parts within seconds. The cleaner vocals are also catchy and fun to listen to, while the contrasting screams hit you like a punch. Overall, the sound on “Skeleton Boy” is clean and polished, promising a strong release from Ghosts Again.

However, nothing can prepare listeners for the remarkable second track, “Pant’s Division (The End is Silence).” At first, the song sounds a bit similar to “Skeleton Boy,” but as it turns out, nothing is quite what it seems, and by the time the chorus of “Pant’s Division” comes in, it’s apparent that Ghosts Again have created something truly special with this track. Even more incredible is the second verse, with groovy, fast-paced, nearly rapped vocals that sound very similar to that of letlive. frontman, Jason Butler. The change in sound is unexpected, and just what the track needs to keep you on your toes. And from there, it only gets better and better. Toward the end of the track, the band cuts out and all that’s left are stunning vocals - it’s absolutely mind blowing. Following that, the soft instrumentals and vocals that bring the song to a close are beautiful.

Keeping you on your toes is the guitar driven “Les Enfants Terribles.” Again, there’s more than meets the eye to this song, and the subtle key parts peppered throughout it really add another layer and keep surprising you even after you think that the EP can’t get any better. Coupled with the groovy bass work and vocals, “Les Enfants Terribles” is another hit. Then comes “Relive_Revive,” which slows things down a bit, giving us a more melodic ballad and showcasing yet another side of Ghosts Again. Closing out the EP is the massive and theatrical final track, “Eleven.” The entire band is on top of their game on this track, bringing it to a powerful and emotional close.

The five songs on The Closest Thing To Closure are the epitome of ambitious. They’re not your run of the mill structured songs with a solid verse, chorus and bridge. While those moments do exist, they’re a little more progressive and complex, and well worth listening to. Ghosts Again have definitely taken a few risks with this EP, and they have absolutely paid off.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to “Pant’s Division (The End is Silence).”


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