Rogue Wave - Delusions of Grand Fur

Review by Shannon Shumaker

It’s easy to get lost in Rogue Wave’s new album, Delusions of Grand Fur. Soft, easygoing vocals, stunning harmonies, and beautiful guitar work spearhead these twelve tracks, transporting you to a state of relaxation. From “Take It Slow,” which serves as the perfect fuzzy opening to the album, to the theatrical ending in “Mimento Mori,” Delusions of Grand Fur will float through your your speakers with ease.

Opening things with a warm and inviting guitar tone, “Take It Slow” eases you into Delusions of Grand Fur, while the following track, “In The Morning” feels like waking up. Soft and soothing, yet upbeat and motivating, “In The Morning” picks up the pace while maintaining the mellow mood set in the opening track. Not only that, but vocally, this track is beautiful, the guitar work is pretty and the subtle backing vocals are a powerful and wonderful touch.

Following “In The Morning” is the catchy, “California Bride,” then the album’s first big standout track, “Look At Me.” While the first three songs on Delusions of Grand Fur can tend to be a little laid back and at times sleepy, “Look At Me” begins with a sense of urgency in the guitar work and a very full sound in the chorus, spearheaded by a simple, yet strong bass line and fuzzy guitars. Then comes the beautiful, “Falling.” Though it is soft and slow, it’s in a different sense than the first few songs, instead sounding more like a lullaby, especially in the soft vocals and keys.

While very easy to listen to, Delusions of Grand Fur, at times does tend to become a bit sleepy and repetitive. This is due to the inviting, yet very soft vocals and guitar work. Some songs can tend to blend together, while tracks like “Endless Supply” are a bit repetitive in themselves. However, there are a few tracks that do separate the album, drawing in your attention just before it’s gone. “What Is Left To Solve” is one of those tracks, with a much more electronic feeling in the bass and drums that carry it along. The different sound is a much needed change of pace, but thankfully, it isn’t drastic to the point where it sounds out of place. Rogue Wave’s signature dreamy sound and soft vocals help tie it in with the rest of the album. “Ocean,” which comes toward the end of the album, is another much needed standout, carried by thumping drums, fuzzy bass and dreamy guitar work. “Ocean” is easily the catchiest track on the album with some really fun instrumentation that will make you want to listen to it all over again as soon as it comes to an end.

Thankfully, by the time that Delusions of Grand Fur comes to an end, Rogue Wave will have successfully kept your attention with fun tracks such as “Ocean” or the beautiful final song “Mimento Mori.” While a bit sleepy at times, the overall soft and dreamy quality about Delusions of Grand Fur is also what makes it such a strong release. Rogue Wave don’t sacrifice who they are or the sound they went out to achieve on Delusions of Grand Fur, and that in itself is a success.

Rating: 3.5/5

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