Me Like Bees - There Will Be Time

Review by Gabrielle DB

Joplin, Missouri's Me Like Bees has a smashing EP in There Will Be Time. The colorful indie pop sound is infectious joy. Flutters of synth, group vocals and unique instrumentation create an enjoyable listening experience. 

"Changes" starts the EP off with a super groovy track. The array of instrumentation is instantly impressive, ranging from trumpets to chimes among the standard drum, bass, and guitar. Vocal ability and agility instantly hooks listeners, and won't let go. 

"Tundraland" keeps the momentum moving with a laid-back rustic track full of catchy sing-a-long hooks, ohs, and lalalas. 

The title track is a retrospective view of relations, a theme echoed throughout the EP. However, this track is a more fragile approach to the subject. The beauty of this track holds a happy vibe while describing a somber tale. 

Wrapping up the EP, "Hymns and Blues" closes up with a super catchy bopper. This track will leave you begging for more. 

A lightheartedness dominates the album lyrically, granting  a fun listen. The versatile musicianship keeps listeners engaged and pleasantly surprised.  You are really going to like Me Like Bees; don't delay, definitely check out There Will Be Time!

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Tundraland"


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