Aloha - Little Windows Cut Right Through

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Aloha’s Little Windows Cut Right Through is the perfect album to introduce new listeners to the band while keeping longtime fans happy. Groovy and dreamy, the vocals and lyrics are very soothing and hypnotizing against strong bass and intricate instrumentation that never feels overwhelming.

“Signal Drift” opens the album and is quite the introduction, with heavy bass carrying the song forward alongside stunning vocals and little chimes that echo throughout the song. The opener totally sets the mood for the rest of Little Windows Cut Right Through, lulling listeners into relaxation while the following song “Faraway Eyes” takes the dreamy sound of “Signal Drift” and builds upon it with faster guitar work and a slightly more upbeat pace. “Faraway Eyes” keeps the album moving forward after the somewhat sleepy opener, progressing and becoming bigger and bigger as it moves forward. The acoustic guitar alongside the electronic synth and groovy bass makes for a great contrast, something that you wouldn’t expect to work but it does.

The acoustic guitars from “Faraway Eyes” then take over in “Ocean Street,” which takes us back to the slower, dreamy sound found on “Signal Drift.” However, Aloha don’t create the same song twice, and this track is much more guitar and drum driven, giving it a more comforting vibe.

Just when things start to sound too similar or threaten to get boring, Aloha take you by surprise, and “Moon Man” is definitely one of those tracks. Much more catchy than the first three songs, it flows with ease into the slower, more empty sounding “Flight Risk,” showcasing the band’s diversity. “Flight Risk” is very beautiful, especially in the subtle yet intricate instrumentation. While the song seems simple and empty at first, there is actually quite a bit going on and each instrument compliments the other, making the track build and grow. “100 Million” follows this same formula, coming off as rather simplistic at first, but hang tight, because the song becomes much more complex and interesting as it moves forward, especially in the drumming.  

Bringing the album to a big close is “Swinging For The Fences,” another track that really builds and builds like the others that come before it. While the progression in these songs is incredible, it can tend to get a bit predictable at times, but that is a very easy flaw to overlook while Aloha is busy wowing you track after track.

The final song, “I Heard You Laughing” ends things on a slower note, taking us back to the first track with busy instrumentals. While it may not end with a bang, Little Windows Cut Right Through is a success, full of complex and diverse tracks that are sure to keep listeners interested.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Faraway Eyes"


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