Cold Collective - Bachelorette Party

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Cold Collective’s debut LP, Bachelorette Party is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. What else could one expect from the new project of Tim Landers (ex-Transit, Misser, Off and On) and members of Defeater and November 5, 1995? Bachelorette Party is aggressive, emotional, and full of so many different layers that you’ll have to listen to it multiple times just to appreciate the intricate songwriting and vocals.

This incredible songwriting and unique sound is showcased perfectly in the opening track, “Feel Out.” With a wide range of vocal harmonies and deep guitar and bass to compliment, “Feel Out” is bound to hook you from the very first line, keeping you around with emotional lyricism and catchy melodies. The opening track is tense, serving as an explosive opener, and by the time in comes to an end, it’ll leave you anxious for what the rest of Bachelorette Party will bring.

“Tred” serves as a more high energy, faster second track with stellar verses and strong drumming. The only downside in the song comes in the chorus, where the multiple vocal layers can become a bit overwhelming and muddy - you almost want to hear just one voice ring out among the different layers. While the incredible harmonies are part of Cold Collective’s trademark sound, they can sometimes act as a double-edged sword. However, things clean up a bit in the following track, “Away From You,” which takes on a more groovy sound instrumentally and a frustrated tone lyrically. Not only is “Away From You” stronger vocally, but the song really shines instrumentally, with stellar drum and guitar work.

Vocally, the fourth track, “No Escape” really shines. This song really gives listeners a chance to pick apart the separate vocal parts that make up the amazing harmonies, and lyrically, the song is witty and catchy. “No Escape” with strong vocal work contrasts with the following slower track, “Prey,” where the vocals tend to feel a little overwhelming once more.

However there are many more strong moments on Bachelorette Party than weak ones. “Wanna Change,” for instance is the total package. Everything about the track works, from the bass heavy beginning to the incredible guitar work about halfway through and the stellar vocal work and lyrics. With a theme of striving to get better, lines like, “I don’t wanna be the one with the thick skin/Why am I always the one with the skin?” really hit home. Another strong track is “Waiting On Me.” Vocally and lyrically, the track is really crisp and clean, the deep bass work hits you right in the chest, and the overall mood of the song is a great change of pace.

Bringing things to a bright and positive ending is “Adieu,” which is sure to leave listeners lingering for more. As a whole, Bachelorette Party is ambitious, aggressive and most of all, unique. There’s nothing quite like this album.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Wanna Change"


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