Pierce The Veil - Misadventures

Review by Dom Vigil

Misadventures has a little bit of everything. These eleven songs not only showcase the Pierce The Veil that we’ve all grown to know and love, but also give us a little something new to chew on before the band embarks on their headlining tour this summer. When it was announced that they would be performing the album in full on the road, it seemed a little risky - what if it didn’t live up to expectations? What if fans didn’t like it? But let’s be real - it’s Pierce The Veil. There are definitely quite a few hits in this release, and even some slower songs to mix things up.

Kicking off Misadventures is the complex and high energy opener, “Dive In.” Halfway through the song, the progression in sound is clear as day - Pierce The Veil seem to have swapped the poppy and melodic choruses from Collide With The Sky for a less melody-based, more technical sound in this track. The guitar work is definitely a high point, meshing very well with the aggressive vocals. While it still is sing-along worthy, the instrumentals are definitely the driving force of the track. “Texas Is Forever” follows suit with more high energy and frantic guitar work (which at times sounds similar to Rufio and totally works). This second track really seems to go back to the band’s roots, which is sure to keep their older fans happy.

As Misadventures moves forward, it does seem to slow a bit from the first few tracks. “The Divine Zero,” for instance, still hosts some great instrumentation, but focuses quite a bit more on Vic Fuentes’ vocals and lyrics. It definitely isn’t a bad change of pace and thankfully, the strong songwriting is still present. “Floral & Fading” is where things really slow down, but it doesn’t feel as if the band sacrifices any songwriting or integrity for this slower, poppier track. Instead, it’s a taste of something different, a testament to PTV’s versatility and strong songwriting. Bass and vocals really shine on this track.

“Circles” cuts the album in half with an infectious chorus and feels like a turning point in Misadventures. After the sixth song, the album does slow down considerably from the high energy start, and while it can feel light a slight lull at times, there are still a few strong songs that keep things interesting. That, and the slower pace is something that die-hard PTV fans are sure to love. “Gold Medal Ribbon” for instance hosts some incredible bass work, and the final track, “Song for Isabelle” is heartbreakingly bittersweet.

Where the second half of the album lacks in the aggressive and technical songwriting from the first half, it makes up with emotional lyricism and stunning vocals. There is a balance between the energy and moods on Misadventures, and while it may not be obvious upon first listen, it is clear as day when looking at the album as a whole. Not only does it flow very well, but it just makes sense. There’s no wondering why the band is planning on performing the album in full this summer.

Rating: 4/5

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