NINA - Beyond Memory

Review by Dom Vigil

It may only be four tracks in length, two of which are remixes, but NINA’s new EP, Beyond Memory is absolutely stunning. Driven by new-wave inspired synthwork and soulful, seductive vocals, these tracks are simply a taste of what’s to come, something that will only make listeners eager for more.

Stunning, captivating vocals and bass heavy synth are what carries the opening track, “Beyond Memory” forward. Not only does it make for an easy listen, the sound captured on “Beyond Memory” is dreamy and timeless, and coupled with the beautiful imagery in the lyricism, the song is flawless.

“Purple Sun” feels a bit more raw than the synth-heavy “Beyond Memory” at first, until the first chorus comes in. NINA really shines in those big moments, and in this track, her vocals are jaw-droppingly soft and gentle. “Purple Sun” just seems to get bigger as it progresses as well, and you almost want to hold your breath while you wait for what comes next.

The second half of the album is made up of two remixes of “Purple Sun” and “Beyond Memory,” but they might as well be different songs entirely, which makes all four tracks fun to listen to. The first of the two is a much more upbeat version of “Purple Sun.” This remix is perfect for night drives and at times, almost sounds similar to The 1975. Then there’s the club remix of “Beyond Memory” that is sure to make you want to dance. While the original version of this track is a bit stronger emotionally and instrumentally, the remix provides a simplistic, danceable alternative.

There really isn’t a weak moment on Beyond Memory. Similar to Robyn or even CHVRCHES, there is a timeless sound not only to the instrumentals, but in NINA’s voice that makes this EP a total standout.

Rating: 5/5

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